2018 season review

After the hot summer this year the autumn has arrived with stormy conditions thus reducing the chances of hooking up to late season bass whilst wading the foreshores with fly rod in hand. But it is also a time to reflect on those summer months when the flat calm warm seas had plentiful numbers of bass throughout.

My best fish of the year on the fly was a lovely 7 and a half pound fish taken on a hot summer day in luke warm sea water. My best day for number of bass on the fly was over 40…not monsters but great sport on a 7wt rod.

Fishing live sand eels with clients produced numerous bass but nothing over 5lb this summer. I think the gin clear waters and warm sea temperatures made the fish very spooky hence my concentration on working the fly as often as possible as the clousers fished on a slow sinking intermediate line in the surf or estuary heads did not give the  hungry bass time to pick and choose! Offering two successful methods to target bass around or coastline plus the chance to target golden grey mullet in the surf gives us plenty of choice.

The bass ‘no take’ policy was relaxed as of 1st October allowing anglers to take one fish per 24hrs should they choose (and provided the fish is within the minimum size limit). This practice will continue in 2019 so keep supporting BASS and any other angling organisations that are lobbying for anglers to take up to 3 fish per 24hrs should they want.

Looking ahead into 2019 – Our season starts in May dependent on weather conditions and water temperature and bookings are taken from April onwards.

As the cold winter days start to warm up why not spend an hour or so per week at this time of the year practicing your casting. This time spent will be invaluable to you when the season gets going. If you have access to a pond or lake so much the better but a field or local park will do likewise a beach…just remember to use a ‘woollen fly’ rather than the real thing for safety purpose.

Practice your double haul so that you can get your line out that little bit further to where the fish are feeding – not always the case but nice to have the confidence that you can achieve those extra yards on your cast should the need arise.